[READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING] Applications Info&Format

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[READ THIS BEFORE APPLYING] Applications Info&Format

Post by Stefy on Sat Jul 28, 2018 11:07 pm

If you want to join our clan, you can submit an app to join us.

REQUIREMENTS: We have some requirements you must meet them before applying.

- Clean record In-game and on forums (No previous bans).
- Speaking English well.
- A well-known player.
- Mustn't have any clan/tag in your nickname.
- Well-know player from Mini Games/Mini-Missions/eXtreme-Missions
- Ratio must be more or equal to 1.5
- Should have more than 8000 score in MG. (MM players depends on their applications, activity,behavior in-game same thing as eXM)
- Must be a skilled player in one of the following weapons:
Desert Eagle | Sawn-off shotgun | Shotgun | Sniper

• Not using this format will automatically get your application denied.

• If you have over 6 warnings, You cannot apply.

• After getting accepted, you MUST NOT go inactive for over 2 weeks without informing or just not joining MG/MM server.

•There's NO ETA for replying to your application, expect to wait 5-6 days also. We don't have limit TIME to reply to your application, we do whenever we feel we should do that plus it's up to application discussion/vote.

APPLICATION FORMAT: You must use the format below when applying.

Please do NOT make your application colorful, keep it how it is. Also don't reply behind : reply in front of them.

Your name in-game?(Say your name in all servers MG/MM/eXm if you're playing):
Do you have old name(s), if yes, state them please?:
Your country:
In which year you've started playing SA:MP?:
You've been invited by someone,if yes, Who?
How much time do you spend, per day, at Mini Games/Mini Missions:
Have you joined any clans before? If yes, tell us why you left?:
What's your name going to be with CbK tag if you joined us?:
Why do you want to join CbK:

• Rate your Eagle skills(0/10):
• Rate your Shotgun skills (0/10):
• Rate your M4 skills (0/10):
• Rate your Sniper skills ((0/10):
• Combat Shotgun skill (0/10):

IMPORTANT: Remember that you MUST meet all of the requirements before applying. We have the right to deny or accept any app for any reason.



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